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Talent Engagement

Talent Engagement

Relatively new to the field, Talent Engagement looks beyond the employee as a whole and looks at the talents, opportunities, and career development for the employee now – and in the future.

Square Peg Solutions (SPS) asks the question – what drives the individual in your firm and how do you get more that gives back for both the employee and company? By using a hands-on approach, SPS works with individuals and teams to better prepare you for your Greatest Unknowns in your people.

Many talk about change management – and the challenges that companies must face in properly transitioning their team. At SPS, we don’t think of it as change management so much as change perspective. You want to change the perspectives of your employees more than you want to manage them – so they embrace the future your company holds.

Areas of coverage:

  • Talent Engagement Zone: Assessment, Development Plan and Strategic Program
  • Transition and back-up planning – to include Succession Planning, Playbook development*
  • Change perspective (with respect to change management)
  • Reorganization planning and team culture motivation (examples – setting up Ops/HR programs in areas of framework, culture, walk-a-mile program)

Talent Engagement Zone:

To better understand how Talent Engagement can increase productivity in your workplace, with your team or organization – assess and learn about your own Talent Engagement Zone – the level where your talents and strengths are operating daily.  Find out how you and your team can do more.

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*Playbook – In business, a playbook is a book containing an individual/team’s strategies, checklists, work assignments to ensure continuity in the job. Each position/ team should have one in place to ensure knowledge transfer is as high as possible.




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