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Square Peg Diagnostics

Square Peg Diagnostics

Is your company’s check engine light on? In three steps: Pulse, Reaction, Results – we will help your company find out how your systems are running…. and areas they could improve to fire on all cylinders:

  1. Pulse: Initial Review – Thorough assessment of focus area, with additional concentric circles of topics related to the focus area to align perceived and actual beliefs, trends, processes
  2. Reaction: Assessment Analysis – Using the best methods of a combination of academic, practitioner, and procedural steps to create an understanding of current, the gap to desired goals, and reactional causes in between
  3. Results: Action Plan and Resolution Steps – Getting it done through expert development, all at your fingertips. You’ll be ready to move forward with suggestions, action and timelines.

If you are looking to efficiently create a roadmap and take control of your bottom line in 2017, you are joining a number of companies that have started the year to determine if the Pulse of their focus (their goals, the company’s strategy, talent development) is on track.

Your 2017 Square Peg Diagnostics Solution

Starting a new year is an opportunity to align your personal goals with your team, department and organization goals.

If your goals include…

  • Setting a course for the organization – culture, objectives
  • Building furtherance – filling gaps to focus on a specific area of business
  • Aligning department for organization change – including logistics, agenda
  • Streamlining processes
  • Reducing Attrition
  • Improving team – initiative, teamwork, motivation
  • Increasing Productivity – Strengths finder, output development
  • Developing yourself – developing others, knowing what’s next
  • Strengthening employees to impact the bottom line

… resolve to take control in 2017.

We provide 4 custom-tailored ready for action programs including Leadership, Operations, HR & Finance to drive your team, department and company to meet their crucial needs for success in 2017.

Starting with a short initial assessment to a complete top to bottom review of your key areas of focus, your Square Peg Diagnostics can fortify you with:

  • Trending employee areas of focus
  • Between the lines leadership strengths and opportunities
  • Risk factors with employees, teams, departments
  • Recommendations on implementation
  • Suggested structure for documentation of operations processes
  • Quarterly Action plan development and tactical next steps
  • Analysis – Career anchors, talent engagement, current theory trends
  • “Parking lot” – areas of recommended focus that may not be on the radar

Take part in what some of Charlotte’s growing companies have already found out. In as little as 3 days, you’ll come away with a lucrative action plan encompassing company goals & understand where your necessary improvements need to start… now.

Empower your company with the knowledge to do unbelievably better by considering assistance from an outside source that can provide a different – and objective – perspective.

“I was blown away by the work and the complete level of assessment [of the diagnostic]. I look forward to going into the next phase” – Greg Winn, Director of Technology and Continuous Improvement, WKEP, Industrial Manufacturer

To schedule a time for your diagnostic this quarter, contact us today  at 704-802-2078 or the form below.

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