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Square Peg Solutions helps companies build their own 1st line of defense against rising attrition and lower productivity through the strength of their managers and teams.

In the US, companies pay an average of over 70% of their revenue in wages and salaries (Keefer, 2016) – and yet 60% or more of the people in their company are leaving because of their manager, are unmotivated, bored or all three (Lipman, 2015; Troyani, 2015; Lesko, 2016).

You pay meticulous attention to the revenue that your products and services are producing. Do you have the same amount of time to focus on how you’re spending in expense – including your employees?


Why Square Peg Solutions?

Your business faces problems. Every day. You succeed because you can focus your strategy, build a plan of attack, and execute on that strategy. You have the expertise, the brain power, and the brawn to make it happen.

But what about those areas that you don’t have the strengths to make it happen? Where you don’t have time, talents or expertise to solve those problems?

The people of Square Peg Solutions, at their core, are operations and HR problem solvers. We help you solve the dirty work, problems, and processes in your organization. They understand your business is one of a kind and must be treated as such. Our unique hands-on operations methods and innovative organizational impact tools adjust per your personal goals and company objectives.

We typically help our clients by:

  • Give them back hours in their day – for themselves and their teams by streamlining & standardizing their process.
    • Typical results: 8-10% more productivity, 15-20% increase in capacity & process throughput in targeted areas
  • Give them numbers – to measure and retain the right focus on their goals – through putting numbers that seem random into company goal specific dashboards and metrics.
    • Typical results: 5-8% more productivity, 10-15% increase in capacity & process throughput in targeted areas
  • Give them information to make decision – by developing & assessing the right operations strategy, including supply chain & forecasting and removing waste where others see work.
    • Typical results: 5-15% decrease in inventory, 10-15% increase in process throughput in targeted areas
    • Typical results: Elimination of need to hire additional employees with up to 10-20% increase in capacity
  • Give them better leaders – by focusing on those that matter most in terms of cost of employee attrition– and tend to be least developed – your new and frontline managers – preparing them for the next generation of your company.
    • Typical results – Newly minted managers, or those with less than 1-year experience in management will be ready to lead large and/or diverse teams in 6 months
    • Typical results – Managers that are marked for performance improvement plan can meet standards or promote within 1 year

We take pride in being a Veteran, Woman-owned, Charlotte, NC -based consulting firm that specializes in operations problem solving (in the office and warehouse), talent engagement, company alignment, personnel development and front-line leadership.  Our background molded Square Peg Solutions into developing a rare balance of advanced leadership and data-driven skills, equipping us with the knowledge needed to be exceptional in assisting companies in advancing leadership through analytics.

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Contact: Info@squarepegsolutions.org

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Square Peg Solutions works with mid-size companies, growth leaders and rising managers to create practical leaders and leadership programs to improve business continuity


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